Friday, June 4, 2010

Press Preview and Party at the James Beard House

The press conference and Festival Preview were a huge hit yesterday. A handful of our filmmakers and film subjects were invited to the Beard House to give the press and membership a sneek peek at what to expect at the festival this year. Filmmakers Liza De Guia (Widow's Hole Oysters and Fatty Que) and David Sigal (Florent: Queen of the Meat Market) were there to support their films as well as the stars of some of the films. Florent Morellet answered questions for the press, as did Bruce Becker from Max & Mina's Ice Cream and Joel Bukiewicz from Cut Brooklyn.

And in support of his takedown series paired with our screening of It's Grits!, Matt Timms was there (in an awesome pair of shoes) to get the crowd pumped about his upcoming Grits Takedown.

Harry and a very large kitchen staff sent out some of the best food I've ever consumed at the Beard House, most of it in support of the festival. Pitmaster Robbie Richter from Fatty Que was there, as well as pitmaster Scott Smith from R.U.B., Jimmy Carbone from Jimmy's No.43 and Marcus Jernmark from Aquavit. Widow's Hole Oysters were also consumed (over 450 of them) and some of our most dedicated sponsors, Jarlsberg, Woolwich, and Old Amsterdam cheeses, supported the night and sent everyone home with ridiculous amounts of cheese in sturdy gift totes. I also had my first Snofrisk Slider which was damn tasty..pictured below..

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