Monday, April 19, 2010

Official Submissions List is Posted

It was not easy for anyone on the Selections Committee this year. The Festival received well over 100 entries that had to be narrowed down to 36. It was so amazing to see the genre of 'food filmmaking' grow over the past few years (in contrast, I think we received only 15 films for consideration in our first year as a festival and screened them all).

And once again we are stunned by the range in subjects we've received. This year we'll be screening films about everything from squid chips to oysters, backyard farming to knifemaking, and films about grits, pasta, and oysters. We'll also be screening a range of awesome food porn and narrative food subjects from chefs to taboo food consumption. We guarantee this fest will have a little something for everyone.

We will also be screening Anat Baron's Beer Wars this year followed by a beer bash filled with local and independent brewers for your tasting pleasure. There are MANY events planned for this year...stay tuned for more details.

To view the Official Selections for the 2010 NYC Food Film Festival click here. We'll see you in June!

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DinosAreCute said...

When will we have a list of food vendors? Im really excited.