Monday, October 6, 2008

Call For Entries Late October

This year we are moving up the call for entries for the 2009 festival. We wanted to have more time to choose the right films this year. It takes us longer than most festivals out there because we try to replicate the food in these films. That said, the entry deadline has also been moved up to April 2nd, 2009 so that we have over two months to plan menus.

If you want to enter the NYC Food Film Festival please don't wait until April 1st to send in your material! (unless of course you are editing right up until the deadline). We seem to get 1/2 of our entries at or just before the deadline. Go to the website in about 3 weeks for an entry form and the rules (there are very few rules).

The NYC Food Film Festival is a celebration of food, film, and people. If you know of a film that fits this profile we'd like to hear about it. The 2009 festival will include NYC's first ever drive-in movie theater experience where we transform the Water Taxi Beach commuter lot into a classic drive-in. Bring your fuzzy dice.

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