Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cheesesteak Heaven

Wow what an opening night! The rain dumped from the sky, thunder roared, lighting struck something in the parking lot, and Manhattan disappeared into the think clouds, but AMAZINGLY 200+ hearty souls still showed up to the first night of the 2008 festival. Thankfully, we were all crammed into but dry under the enormo-tent. I called the audience 'nuts, but smart', smart because they were the ones who would benefit from eating authentic Philly cheesesteaks, made by Tony Luke III (pictured holding my cheesesteak) who came up from Philly in the pounding rain with enough ingredients for hundreds of cheesesteaks. Last night, those smart filmgoers were able to eat the real thing while watching Ben Daniels ode to his favorite sandwich This Is My Cheesesteak. A huge thanks goes out to Tony Luke's for supplying free cheesesteaks for the crowd, to Ben Daniels for flying in from LA for the event, and to all those who attended. I can only imagine how big the crowd would have been had the weather been better. A big thanks also goes out to Amy Levine from the film Donut Day who also came in from Michigan for the screening of her film. See you Monday at the beach (check the schedule).

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