Friday, May 23, 2008

Pizza Night Has Been Set

Most nights of the festival will be held at Water Taxi Beach in LIC. Tuesday June 17th is a different matter. We knew we had to move 'off campus' at least one night of the festival but did not have a venue to screen films. Then I had a brainstorm. In keeping with the NYC Food Film Festival philosophy of having food available that is portrayed in a film, why not screen the pizza films as close as possible to a NY pizza icon? I inquired about the parking lot adjacent to Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn and after a 3 minute conversation with its owner (Toro Asian Fusion next door) we had our remote screening facility.

On Tuesday, June 17th, we are going to set up our projector in the parking lot, put out 50 rental chairs, and screen the fantastic short Pure and Simple, a film about Anthony Mangieri, my pizza short Brooklyn Pizza (that features Grimaldi's), and In Pignata, a short film about Calabrian fireside cooking. If all goes well, Grimaldi's will send over pizza to sample and if you can stand the wait (which is not that bad) get in line with the German tourists to score a table at this famous Brooklyn pizza outpost after the screening.

The parking lot space is not as big as the beach (see above), has no sand, but will prove to be an intimate screening (for FREE) for anyone that wants to attend. No rain and this screening will be a winner.

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